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Quantum Talent Development Presentation to a Tier 1 Canadian Bank

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After feeling unprepared for the talent demands of the Generative AI revolution, a major Canadian bank approached us to ensure their talent development team was ready for what’s coming next: the advent of quantum technologies.

We explored the high-level opportunities and risks of quantum technologies, and in particular quantum computing. We discussed the significant but very distinct talent demands of leveraging quantum computing for good, as well as protecting against the cyber security threats.


Ryan, Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with Talent Development leadership to discuss the impact of Quantum Computing on both the financial industry and on talent. You are truly an expert in your field and you really helped the team consider what steps we need to start taking to address the very real impact of Quantum.

Is your talent strategy quantum ready? Does your organization know what kind of talent you will need to acquire, develop, and retain to compete and defend your organization?

Enterprise Quantum can help you develop just such a strategy, beginning with education, planning and ending with the right partnerships.

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